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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions

And Of Course Our Answers

We have our favourite gins but we could honestly not say as it would be unfair 🙂

Round of Gin is an internet directory site that promotes gins and distilleries from around the world. Helping gin lovers find new gins to explore.

Gin fanatics have the ability to be able to review gins that they have tasted.

We also work with distilleries and help them raise their profile online. We do this through traditional digital marketing. We would go as far as to say that we are like an extension to their marketing team.

What is an expert?

Some of our reviewers love gin and have formed a collection over the years so they know a good gin when they see one!

Yes, absolutely.

The idea to set up a Round of Gin was first thought during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Initially, it was going to be an Instagram page but the idea soon gathered pace and a website was built.

You can confirm your attendance but no payment will be made. This will need to be arranged directly with the distillery or brand.

Yes, but it’s a secret!