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137 Gin Distillery

5.0/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Further information about 137 Gin Distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

If you have tasted their gins before why not leave a review below?

1 Review for 137 Gin Distillery

Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Stunning Royal navy gin

Really quick delivery and amazing customer service. Online they answer any questions and have a whole range of ways for suggestions to try their gin… Definitely helpful if you are new or maybe gifting it to some one. I mean where to start…. Look at the bottle design… Part of me broke a little inside when I broke the wax to get into the bottle. It just looks so, well, cool! So what better way to put it in the snow and have a 137 Royal Dubonnet to say cheers on valentines! To make this chest warming cocktail- 50ml Navy Royal Gin 50ml Dubonnet 5ml Cherry Liquor Stir with ice, garish with orange and black cherry’s Oooo its definitely going down well in the snow here ins Scotland. Now, did you know 137gin won GOLD in the Nordoc spirits awards!? They won best in class & category!! (I’m not trying to sell this to you… But if I was… That would do it right) Now my opinion of the taste. I got the premixed cocktail Dubonnet, which wouldn’t normally be my go too. With that said it was lovely and actually smooth. All the flavours compliment each other very well. 137gin Royal Navy is actually a really smooth gin for a navy gin. Really beautiful notes of orange and that famous pine from Juniper. But with a side kick of white pepper giving you that warming feel. The navy gin has a lot of the same ingredients as the Berkshire dry gin – so if you like that and fancy a step up, you’ll be sure to enjoy this. It leaves a royal silky taste laced with all those grains of paradise & warming spice. Now navy gins are a strong gin… So if you only drink gordens pink with j20s… Well mean let’s have words anyway… But this might not be up your street. Other wize a 11/10 from me

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