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7K Distillery

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The 7K Distillery is located in Brighton and just 30 minutes from the Hobart CBD. It was created entirely by hand by Tyler and was built with an ethos of environmental consciousness and waste minimisation. This is why they “upcycled” shipping containers to help create what is today the 7K Distillery.

Further information about this distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

1 Review for 7K Distillery

gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
Carolina Reaper Gin – Lovely heat!

People know I am a little obsessed with chilli. I carry a spice bottle of cayenne pepper in my handbag. I just love this gin. Such a great idea to combine two of my favourite things – Gin and Chilli. This Winter Edition Carolina Reaper Gin from @7kdistillery in Tasmania, Australia is a fiery little number that has a lovely warmth to the after taste while still letting the juniper come through.

Now, I do like my chilli to punch me in the face, so I like to steep cut chillies- one cayenne and one bird’s eye in a shot or two of this gin and let it bathe in there for an hour or so before I want to drink it. I love that I get an almighty kick when I take a sip…somehow, I can still taste the gin and my mouth is left with a simmering heat.

I like to pair this with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. If you are not a chilli fiend and addict like me, you will probably find it has enough heat without the added chillies. With the heat from the chilli along with the Australian Orange Peel and Serbian Juniper Berries, it makes for the perfect winter gin or as a drink alternative to tequila for a Mexican feast! 725ml bottle and 53% ABV so on the stronger side. $95.00 AUD. I ordered my bottles online and received them well packaged and with a very sweet handwritten thank you card from Tyler Clark, fabulous customer service.

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