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Abingdon Distillery

4.8/5 2 Reviews Add Review

Our Story

Abingdon Distillery started out as an idea in Hong Kong some years ago whilst working abroad. The lack of quality & limited selection of gins out there in that part of the world fuelled a bit of an experimental phase where we began dabbling in distilling with the aim of producing a worthy gin we could sip & enjoy.

It wasn’t until 2018 that we decided to setup shop in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and start to fine tune the recipe that would become our signature London Dry gin. It took us a fair few goes to get it spot on, with over 50 batches trialled, and we are super proud of it!

At our distillery we set the benchmark extremely high for all of our spirits. Quality and consistency is paramount to our ethos. That’s why from start to finish we do everything in house so we can keep a close eye on our production levels. From every drop that comes out of our still to the labels and handwritten batch numbers on our bottles.

Every drop of alcohol produced is made by our beautiful 45 litre copper hybrid still, Jenny. She was handmade for us in Portugal.  Jenny is key to our distillation process and she plays a huge part in producing smooth spirits with fantastic flavours. Being 100% copper, she removes the impurities & sulphur-containing compounds from the spirit vapours during distillation. Simply put, without Jenny we wouldn’t be able to produce our award-wining gins.

Our Gins

  • Our flagship London Dry gin (40% ABV)
  • Lavender & Pine gin (40% ABV)
  • Sloe gin (30% ABV)
  • Single Malt Cask Aged gin (40% ABV)

2 Reviews for Abingdon Distillery

Abingdon Gin -New Cask Gins, – Just a little special

M e e t. T h e. D I s t I l l e r Abingdon Distillery started in 2018, after the owners spent years abroad frustrated with lack of good spirits. So back in the UK, they settled in Abingdon Oxfordshire, and started their own distillery with quality at its heart,– striving for the perfect gin. After a few trail batches, they finally launched the award winning Signature London Dry. All of the spirits are made in a 45 litre copper still called Jenny, handmade in Portugal. From start to finish they do everything in house and the love extends to bottles and labels which are all handwritten with batch numbers. Sustainably is also a core value for Abingdon Distillery. The bottles are now 100% recyclable. My package arrived safe and sound in eco packing from Flexi-Hex. It didn’t need to travel very far, Abingdon is only 30 minutes from where I live. Fingers crossed I can visit soon to do a review for Tourdegin.com, I hear they are moving to their own unit with a bespoke tasting room. T h e. T a s t e. Port Barrel-Aged Gin is part of the premium gin collection. Expanding beyond just the botanicals, they created a series of 3 barrel-aged gins, aged in casks from around the world. These are a small batch craft gin production of just 200 bottles. The excellent base of the gin is the signature London Dry gin, which is then aged in freshly used 8-year-old ruby port casks from a winery in Portugal. Tasting Notes (from the distiller’s website) Nose: Sweet red fruits, vanilla & baked spices. Palate: Juniper with jam & sweet red grapes Finish: Subtle vanilla with baked spices. Creamy. M y N o t e s I found it incredibly smooth you can taste vanilla, and the sweetness comes through on the tongue, it’s got a delightful fruitiness from he port, a very easy to drink tall glass and a nice change from a standard gin. Perfect Serve I firstly tried to spit neat, but didn’t suit me, too strong for me, but with a med tonic and a slice of orange it came to life. One thing I will definitely say is that you need a double, a single just didn’t cut it. I n. s u m m a r y It’s a beautiful new bottle, feels very premium, and would be a fabulous gift. If you are a lover of port this is for you, or if you like an old Tom. It’s a very different type of gin so is great for a gin who may have tried everything (like me).

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Gin_nypig 5 Reviews
A lovely gin perfect for the warmer weather

The Abingdon gin I tried is their limited edition Lavender and Pine Blossom variety. The smell alone was delicious with the pine and lavender botanicals coming through. I tried it neat first as I do with all new gins. The pine flavour hit me first, giving it a lovely freshness, and then the lavender notes comes through at the end. This is a gin that really appeals to my tastes. The distillers say “this contemporary styled gin is full of floral botanicals and is the perfect summer gin. Notes of lavender and hibiscus are balanced with pine and a little passion flower. The result is an aromatic flavour profile that’s crisp and fresh.” I firstly paired it with a conspiriti classic tonic syrup which paired nicely with the botanicals in the gin, and garnished it with a sprig of thyme as suggested by the distiller. I then went to my go to tonic fevertree med which seemed like the perfect pairing for this gin. The bottle has a simple design which gives a sleek look to the product. My only criticism is I wish that it was in a larger size as I can see me getting through this 500ml bottle quickly. This has to be one of the nicest gins I’ve tried recently and makes me curious to try their other varieties now

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