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Agnes Arber

5.0/5 2 Reviews Add Review

Agnes Arber Brand

2 Reviews for Agnes Arber

Nessejay91 13 Reviews
I’m a huge fan of all 3 gins in their range

I became a fan of their gin after being introduced to their dry style at my local gin bar a couple of years ago. Upon sampling their rhubarb gin I was doubly blown away – as I learnt more about the bran I began to appreciate it more. I have raved about this brand on podcasts and the like based not only on the bottle design, branding but the botanically balanced profiles in all three offered – why? It coincides with the inspiration behind this gin being the matriarch of botany as we know it. As a mixologist, botany overlaps and inspires what I do with each serve and when a range is created with that in mind it is honestly like christmas to me. Personally-speaking their dry style is my favourite and it represents the base for the other two gins that they offer, rhubarb and pineapple. Their pineapple gin is wonderful and provides an interesting opportunity to overlap with tiki cocktails which are often inaccessible to most gin styles (reserved for rum frequently).

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Makes an Amazing Gin-A-Colada!

I purchased the Pineapple Gin from Agnes Arber because I adore Pineapple and its not often you come across a Yellow Bottle and wanted it for my collection. I wasn’t sure what to expect but had seen good reviews from other accounts on Instagram so went for it. I am so glad I did, it is delicious. If you want a fruity tropical drink, then this is the one for you. It makes a mean Gin-A-Colada and is so very drinkable. On the nose i get Grapefruit and Pineapple but there are the usual botnaicals also present, juniper, cassia and angelica. In the mouth the pineapple and Grapefruit really sing and its reminiscent of Lilt but oh so sophisiticated. It is a really good summery Gin but i have been drinking it this winter as it warms me up and reminds me of the summer. This gin is very reasonably priced, and on Amazon 26/02/21 its £27.50 plus postage, which for the quality is a great price. No personal touches when I bought this gin but it arrived without any trouble and from Amazon so didn’t expect any hand written notes.

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