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Anfield Gin Claimed

4.9/5 3 Reviews Add Review



The idea for Original Anfield Gin was first dreamt up during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. Situated in the North West of England, we are a father daughter team and wanted to create a gin the local people can be proud of and that gin lovers can admire. The name was inspired by the area we live in famous for its local football team.

Our recipe has been carefully crafted to deliver a unique and warming taste experience with a juniper led sweet fruity gin infused with strawberries.

This is our first adventure into the gin scene and have big dreams for our brand, we hope to bolster our collection with more products and flavours we both personally enjoy.

We’re extremely happy with our first creation and how it has been well received and we can’t wait to continue our gin journey.

3 Reviews for Anfield Gin

Gingalore 27 Reviews
Liverpool’s very own Strawberry Blush Gin

I was so very lucky to win a gorgeous little miniature bottle of this fabulous small batch Anfield Strawberry Blush Gin which I had been very keen to sample ever since I had heard there was a new gin on the block in my home town of Liverpool.

The Gin was delivered direct to my door beautifully packaged and I could not wait to try it. So without hesitation I got my glam glass out and began to prepare my serve. 50ml of gorgeous Anfield Strawberry Blush, I tasted the gin neat first of all and it was delicious, not to overpowering just gorgeous strawberry bold flavours. I paired the Gin with a premium tonic and garnished with raspberries although the recommended serve is to garnish Strawberries.

It was beautiful so smooth and very easy to drink. Priced at around £35 for a 70cl bottle with a 40% ABV I highly recommend this gin. It would be fabulous in the garden on a summers Day and makes a fabulous base for cocktails too. 🍹

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Anfield Gin, a Liverpool Gem

I was kindly sent a sample of Anfield Gin by Chelsey to taste and review. This gin is named as a strawberry blush which I was very excited about. I love the branding on this Gin and the colour of the gin is pink and clear. On the neat taste, I was quite shocked as I expected a sweet taste and found it a little bitter and it reminded me of an original Pink Gin made with Bitters. I then tried it with a light tonic and it was OK, but I still got the bitterness and it didn’t blow me away.

However, I then tried this with Rose Lemonade and it knocked my socks off! This is such a gorgeous drink.

I think that the distillation process has given this gin the taste of an old fashioned pink gin, which is not really suited to my sweet palate, but as soon as you add some sweetness in the lemonade it pops! The juniper comes through neat or mixed, and I think this pink Gin would make a gorgeous cocktail Gin. I come from Liverpool only a couple of miles from where this gin is produced, and I have to say I am proud that Liverpool has such a lovely gin associated with it. Well done Mark & Chelsey, I can’t wait to see what else you produce.

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Nessejay91 13 Reviews
Lovely and Gentle strawberry-centred gin

Starting with the bottle the design and labelling is wonderfully simple and straight to the point, matching their approach to fast delivery. This gin is sweet on the nose – juniper and strawberry come through immediately and when tasted neat the gentleness of the strawberry comes to fruition.

I was unsure if it might taste more artificial or overpowering with strawberry almost like a liqueur but actually this was not the case. Very very smooth with the strawberry and sweet notes with great versatility outside of its clear taste profile. If you are looking for a tonic combination I enjoy aromatic or even venturing towards strawberry and mint lemonades. If you are looking outside of the gin and tonic serve then you’ll be delighted to know it is very versatile! Strongly recommended in a Strawberry blush aperol negroni or a twist on a clover club!

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