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Anholt Gin Claimed

4.8/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Thøger Dixgaard and Jakob Kjærgaard met for the first time in 2015, where Thøger played a concert at Anholt Festival, which Jakob arranges. On a walk in the desert of Anholt, Thøger noticed the island’s large stock of junipers and was not late to link this with his favorite drink, gin. It quickly became clear that he and Jakob shared the same passion and it was the start of a new friendship and gin adventure.

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1 Review for Anholt Gin

girls_on_gin 10 Reviews
More gin less bullshit

Anholt is a very small, Danish island. It has the only Danish desert, and the rainwater is filtered through the desert sand which leaves the purest drinking water. The island is so isolated that it has no air pollution. And these conditions are perfect for the thousands of juniper bushes that are growing on the island. The local junipers for the gin are handpicked and together with the less calcareous water they give the gin a pleasant, soft and round taste. Anholt Gin produces 2 gins: “Double Female” especially developed for women – and the classic “Anholt Gin”. Both gins are made with only 4 botanicals: Local juniper, coriander, angelica root and lemon peel. The difference is that “Double Female” is made with fresh juniper and the classic “Anholt Gin” is made with dried juniper. Anholt Gin has a motto: “mindre pis – mere gin” which roughly translates into “less bullshit – more gin”. And both gins live up to that motto! Juniper led in taste but with clear taste notes of the other three ingredients. The gin has a richness which makes it pleasant to drink neat as well. Both bottles hold 45,3% ABV and come in 500 ml. bottles. The bottles are very nice. We like the fact that the glass in dark and they have wooden caps. “Double Female” costs DKK 399.- (GBP 45,80) and “Anholt Gin costs DKK (GBP 40,20). We don’t think it is too expensive because of the story connected to the gins and the fact that the junipers are handpicked on Anholt.

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