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Archie Rose Distilling Co

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While there were challenges to the complete lack of a handbook to guide us to create a distillery of our size, the upside is that we learned from the ground up the craft of spirit making from people who have done it before us.

They say good things come to those who wait. In our case, the wait for our distilling equipment to be built was exactly 364 days from when we commissioned craftsman Peter Bailly to create it. With the highest purity copper shipped in from Europe then hand-hammered, our three copper pot stills are fabricated to our exact specifications. Lead by Master Distiller Dave Withers, our distilling team produces exceptional gins, vodkas, whiskies and rums leading to our acknowledgement as Australia’s most highly awarded distillery.

1 Review for Archie Rose Distilling Co

gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
The Signature Dry Gin is a very well-rounded gin

The Signature Dry Gin is a very well-rounded gin. I get Juniper, citrus, spice and a lovely honeyish sweet aftertaste and I find it very smooth to drink with Mediterranean Tonic. I did find that I had to really watch how much tonic I added as I put a little too much in the first time and drowned the gin which made it quite flavourless as there are many delicate flavours at play here.

With a 30ml shot and a double splash of tonic, some fresh mint – It was delicious. The lovely green bottle reminds me of the garden and botanicals and this gin has 14 individually distilled botanicals and uses some more unusual native ones such as Blood Lime, Dorrigo Pepperleaf and River Mint.

ABV 42%. 700ml bottle is $79 AUD.

Archie Rose also has some limited release gins that sound very interesting.

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