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Atacama Wines and Spirits / Gin Nativo

Chilean Gin made from 100% Native herbs handpicked in the most arid desert in the world, Atacama. Made with wine.

Atacama Wines and Spirits was born in 2016 as a pioneer in the Chilean Gin industry. Since the beginning our goal has been to produce an innovative product with the highest national and international standards.
Taking this into consideration, we have launched the first Gin produced 100% with native botanicals from the Atacama Desert, distilled with Pisco spirit ( Chile’s nacional grape based spirit) and corn alcohol, making a perfect blend, handcrafted by women.
Our distillery is located in the heart of the Huasco Valley, one of the most extreme wine valleys in northern Chile and also a thriving Pisquera region.
The Region has an incredible geography, with narrow valleys, and high mountain ranges which soar over 3,00 meters above sea level.
These two characteristics generate unique heat conditions, humidity and thermal amplitude, which allows grant our botanicals and fruits a high aromatic intensity and a lot of flavor. All of these elements and conditions, transform the Huasco Valley an extraordinary place in the world and a perfect ecosystem for gin productions.
Our distillery is located at 1,150 meters above sea level, allowing our stills to boil at 85°C, thus achieving a slow distillation, where we extract the maximum potential of our 13 botanicals.
Moreover, the water we use in our distillation process comes directly from the Andes Mountains, thus favoring very cold water and high purity distillations with very small hearts.
Our master distillers distil in small batches in conventional, discontinuous copper pisco pot stills, with 8 rectifying plates, over direct fire, in the traditional way.
Gin Nativo was born under the premise of captivating consumers who are looking for distinctive and elegant spirits. Keeping this premise in our hearts, we use 13 botanicals that reflect the unique aromas and flavors of the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert.
Our aim is to achieve unique spirits by combining our traditions, aromas, local flavors and innovative techniques and creating unique products and creating a unique product for the world.
Each bottle is handmade, always taking care of the quality in the details of production and the ingredients that are carefully collected by hand and which reflect the work, traditions and wisdom of our ancestors.