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BeGin Copenhagen Claimed

Awardwinning, ecologic, small batch, Danish produced gin

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Awardwinning, small batch, ecologic, danish produced gin.

Our gin is tasty and colorful. We only produce organically with the best raw materials.

We combine several methods in our attempt to achieve the best taste and color.

Gin must taste good, look good and arouse enthusiasm.

Let the party BeGin.

1 Review for BeGin Copenhagen

girls_on_gin 10 Reviews
BeGin Copenhagen – Three winners!!

BeGin Copenhagen is a new, Danish player on the ginmarket. They have three different gins and they are all organic.

Lavender Blossom:
The Lavender Blossom gin just won a gold medal at IWSC in August 2020! The bottle is very nice to look at, because you can clearly see what is inside., and the color is so beautiful! The label is giving you all relevant information in a very cool font.

When smelling the Lavender Blossom gin, the lavender is very distinct and you also catch notes of honey.

Tasting it neat at first you get an explosion of lavender, with the almost perfumed taste that it has. Next we get citrus notes and it is a really special and nice taste. Very easy to drink neat, although it does hold 40 %. We chose to mix it with a Danish tonic with black pepper and bergamot from Bryggeriet Fuglsang. This was a match made in heaven. When you mix the gin with tonic, the lavender notes become more subtle and it all comes together so well.

BeGin The Original Blend:

The smell is led by juniper and it’s a very strong taste, but when you keep smelling you also get a hint of honey.
When tasting it neat the coriander comes through but also something sweet that we can only guess what is, but to us it tastes like a hint of honey.

We mixed it with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic and ice and a bit of lemon peel. This made a lovely, classic gin & tonic, but yet very sophisticated, due to the sweet notes and the coriander.
BeGin Copenhagen is an organic, small batch gin. The bottels are handfilled and the logo on the label is yellow, so it is easy to recognize which of the three gins in the range it is. The bottle is see-through so you can see the beautiful color.

BeGin Cph Hibiscus Flower:

This gin is made with the base from The Original Blend gin. It has won a bronze medal at ISC in 2020.
Smelling it neat we get associations to port. It smells sweet and a bit spicy. Tasting it neat it is very floral and also spicy.

We mixed it with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, as recommended. As garnish we used dried hibiscus flowers. This made a lovely drink with floral notes, and it went down very easy. All associations to port had vanished.
The colour of the gin is gorgeous, and it of courses comes from the hibiscus flowers. The logo on the label matches the colour of the gin and the see-through bottle makes you long to taste it! We love the slogan on the bottle: “Let the party BeGin!”.

BeGin Cph The Original Blend has won a bronze medal at ISC 2020.

All three gins can be purchased at www.begincph.com for DKK 150/18 GBP for 200 ml. or DKK 350/42,25 for 500 ml. You can also buy a giftbox with 200 ml. of each of the 3 gins from BeGin Cph for DKK 450/GBP 54,30 or with 3 x 500 ml. for DKK 1000/GBP 120,70.

Because the gins are so special and also organic, we think, that the price is fair.

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