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Black Cat Distillery

4.8/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Details on this distillery coming soon.

1 Review for Black Cat Distillery

gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
5 Gins – What mood are you in?

Botanic, Archimedes, Tango, Aubrey or Monstera? These 5 gins are all very different. Botanic Gin tastes like a wander through Botanic gardens. It is an expressive gin that develops as you sip away. It has citrus gold flakes that makes for something unusual and contribute to the lovely citrus taste. It is smooth and delicate. I like it mixed with Mediterranean Tonic and a small piece of orange peel- not too much as I don’t like it to overpower the flavour of the gin. This is a lovely serve to have by the poolside in Summer. In a cocktail I took inspiration from a post on Instagram by the distillery and substituted Spiced Orange Ginger Ale for the Ginger Beer they used in their recipe. I mixed The Spiced Orange and Botanic Gin with Apple Cider and added lemon peel and lemon blossom and some green apple for decoration. It is a delicious combination. Archimedes Gin is a smooth savoury number with a light citrus feel. It is delightful in a dirty martini and became more mellow with time. I added dry Vermouth, olive brine and olives. This is also lovely in a gin & tonic with a slice of lemon peel. Tango Lime Zinger Gin is delicious and might be my favourite so far-It lives up to its name. Fabulous in cocktails – I like it with Coconut water and Rosemary Syrup, or Spiced Orange Ginger Ale garnished with lime zest and lime blossom. This gin is just as suited to a G & T with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic or Waterhole Mixers Native Citrus Tonic. I have two still to try- Aubrey Gin made with sloe berries and is a lovely shade of pink and Monstera which looks like a bit of an ode to Ouzo. They do look interesting. This small boutique small batch distillery can be found in the beautiful Barossa Valley. One of my favourite places in South Australia. Service when dealing with this company was exemplary. Great communication. These gins are sold as a 3 pack in cute cardboard packaging. $118AUD for 3 x 350ml bottles. You can select the gins for your pack.

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