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Blood Monkey Irish Gin

5.0/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Blood Monkey Irish Gin is a bold, premium brand, bringing a unique liquid style and way of enjoying gin to a spirits category broadly fixated on one liquid expression and similar positioning.

Unlike the vast majority of “dry style” gins on the market, Blood Monkey has a malted taste profile closer to the forefather of all gin, Genever. It is distilled to be enjoyed neat or over ice, giving it a unique category serve, unlike the majority of gins whose signature serves are interpretations of cocktails (e.g.: Negroni) or long drinks (e.g.: “their take” on a G&T).

The brand bucks category norms, is packaged in a minimalist black bottle, has a provocative name and seeks to “cut the bull” out of a category so often awash with nonsense.

1 Review for Blood Monkey Irish Gin

Gingalore 27 Reviews
Blood Monkey Irish Gin

Ah! The luck of the Irish! ☘️ A smooth Irish Gin presented in a gorgeous sleek black bottle with such a bold character that is very drinkable indeed! Yes I know, the name is a little strange, But there is a story Ginners! It is a nod to the act of bleeding the monkey, when 17th Century sailors drilled into the officers’ barrel to steal the liquor inside! So there we have it bloodmonkeygin liked their spirit and so adopted the name for themselves! bloodmonkeygin is also one of only a few gins in the world smooth enough to be sipped neat or drunk straight and believe me it tastes spot on! 🍹 I tried the Gin neat over ice, you can really taste the Lime leaf, Szechuan pepper and rosemary, such a smooth tasting Gin and as you swallow you can really taste the warmth – a spiky citrus bite with white pepper to balance the gin’s maltiness in a I can’t wait to try this Bloodmonkey Gin with some warm dry cider, wedges of apple and orange, cloves and cinnamon! Autumn is going to taste great! 🍁 ABV 40% priced around £37 for a 70cl bottle check out @bloodmonkeygin for more details

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