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Bristol Dry Gin is a micro-distillery situated in the centre of Bristol, in the vaulted basement of an ancient building.

The brand was started in January 2017 by two inquisitive cocktail bartenders who wanted to produce a range of spirits that they would be proud to serve on their bar. Experimentation, superb quality, a great sense of humour, a friendly nature and vibrant artwork have all been at the heart of our operation.

We have strived to make a spirit recipe for every occasion and tried to use as many rare and unusual botanicals as we can get our hands on.

Our current range consists of a staggering 10 expressions, ranging from a 75% gin all the way to a honey rum and our recipe book holds around 30 unique and innovative concoctions.

Past experiments range from bacon vodka and pizza gin to hibiscus and lime leaf limoncello. Aside from the strange experiments, we produce exquisite citrus-lead gins, fruit gins and spiced gins. We even have a chai-spiced gin in the range.

We have won multiple awards for many of our spirits, ranging from local awards to two highly prized World Gin Awards. We offer weekly gin tasting sessions, hosted by one of our distillers and our distillery is open to the public on a weekly basis.

Pop in for a sample and a chat sometime. We would love to show you around.