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Bullards Distillery

5.0/5 1 Reviews Add Review

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1 Review for Bullards Distillery

Nessejay91 13 Reviews
London dry and Strawberry & Black pepper gin

The London dry by Bullards is in my top 3 London dry gins of all time, it is exceptional and in my opinion underrated. On the nose citrus was notable, with some earthy-herbal notes, on the tongue it was juniper forward to smooth herbal and sweet notes (I believe they use honey) with a smooth and lightly spiced finish. This gin won the gold award back in 2017 – that still does not credit it enough for what it is! The Strawberry & Black Pepper gin is a lovely flavoured gin, it’s a gin that I would strongly recommend to people who enjoy sweeter styles of gin but want something that is still botanically interesting and true to the distillation process over artificially flavoured gins. Warming red berries follow the juniper with the pepper coming through in the finish but like the London dry counterpart.

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