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Cambridge Distillery

4.9/5 3 Reviews Add Review

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3 Reviews for Cambridge Distillery

Wonderfully different!

Anty gin from the guys at the Cambridge distillery and the Nordic food lab have created This gin literally made with ants….!!Wood ants, to be specific. Each bottle of gin is made with the essence of approximately 62 wood ants, along with juniper, wood avens, nettle and Alexanders seeds to complement the flavour of the insect. Also, each bottle comes with a 5cl dropper bottle of pure ant distillate.

This amazing citrus-forward gin delivers a plethora of flavours and is way too yummy for its own good! It’s wonderfully quirky and was born to be an eyebrow-raiser and a talking point gin! I was pretty astounded how good this gin tastes…It was a year in the making and really is gloriously different and unusual…it’s a firm favourite in our house so I need to seriously ration it! It really doesn’t need a lot of fuss because everything is there!

It’s lovely on its own over ice to really savour the flavour or paired with a simple premium tonic…. It comes in at £200 but when you appreciate the work that has gone into each and every bottle you really will savour every sip. The bottle arrived very promptly and packaged well. Would highly recommend Anty gin it’s a must-buy for any serious gin enthusiast.

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Glassofgin 22 Reviews
The Fab Cambridge Dry Gin

Cambridge Distillery has been awarded with three consecutive awards as the most innovative distillery in the world. I mean for starters, that’s quite impressive! It’s not surprising when you consider their releases such as their Truffle Gin or Anty Gin (capturing the essence of all four seasons) and how good they taste. They are based in Cambridge, given the name. Cambridge Dry Gin is an easy to drink flora dry gin.

Cambridge Dry Gin features all fresh products – blackcurrant leaf, lemon verbena, angelica seed, rose petals, violet petals and basil and rosemary individually distilled and expertly blended into this fresh gin Its on the higher pricing side for craft Gin being £38 plus a bottle. but they dont have that many awards for nothing?! Plus their beautiful clean-cut bottle is not to miss. I’ve up-cycled my bottle as I could not come to get rid of the beauty. So if you are looking for a gin that is floral and sweet on the nose, with a really fresh and smooth crisp taste, this is for you.

It’s beautiful paired with a fresh spring of mint and some light tonic. Cambridge do sell very tasty tonics of their own which is available on their website!

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4 Reviews
Outstanding Gin – Cambridge Dry Gin

Cambridge Dry Gin is a definite favourite out ours. If you love a fresh, herbaceous and refreshing gin then this one is for you! This gin is distilled using local botanicals including juniper, fresh basil, rosemary, angelica, lemon verbena, blackcurrant leaf and rose petals. Delicious right?!

Our favourite way to drink Cambridge gin is with a premium light tonic and a fresh basil leaf… however we experimented with fresh mint and strawberries as a garnish and it tasted amazing too! This gin also makes a mean basil smash!

We love the rectangular bottle shape, so simplistic and brilliant for birds-eye shots of the bottle as it doesn’t roll away! If we haven’t managed to persuade you then this definitely will… Three consecutive times, Cambridge distillery has been awarded the most innovative distillery in the world! WOW!

Thanks for reading!

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