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CBA Gin Co


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Working with Silent Pool, the award winning distillery, we’ve created a range of elegant gins that conjure up the flavours we’ve discovered during our international travels.

Marrakech Gin – Imagine warm spices wafting through the sultry air in the busy souk. Infused with bright citrus and fragrant Moroccan spices, this gin is inspired by wonderful tastes and aromas of Marrakech. But if you can’t go in person, go in spirit.

California Gin – When you can’t get to the West Coast, this could be the perfect drink. In the rich orange bottle, you’ll find a premium gin infused with deep intense flavours from Valencian oranges. Think sunlit days in rolling acres of orange groves, heavy with sweet juicy fruit ripening under a warm sun. A real taste of California without the jet lag.

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1 Review for CBA Gin Co

CBA Gins – a must have for any collection

I came across CBA gins at The Gin To My Tonic festival in Liverpool in June 21 and they had only been going for 2 weeks. The guys that run this business are amazing, inspiring and fun. They draw their inspiration from places they have been and working with Silentpool have bottles it up with the most fantastic designs. At time of writing this review there were 2 gins in their portfolio, Marrakech Gin & California Gin. Two very different gins. The Marrakech is easily my favourite, bright spicy flavours give this gin and interesting flavour profile that makes you want to go back for more. It’s zesty, warm and fun to drink. The bottle is just gorgeous and comes design inspired by the agafays steps in Marrakech. The California Gin is full of rich intense orange flavours, based on Valencia oranges that gives it a fresh and bold flavour. The bottle design is based on the Orange and is reminiscent of the Californian beach vibes and lovely sticky cocktails by the pool! Please give these a go, they are simply fantastic!

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