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Chase Distillery

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1 Review for Chase Distillery

ginignite 4 Reviews
Chase Distillery – Chase GB Gin

Chase GB Gin

I have been following the Chase Distillery ever since I tasted their Chase GB gin from a gin calendar 2 years ago. I think the pedigree of this gin is down to the way the whole process is managed in house. The potatoes are grown on the farm. They are peeled first and the peelings go to the cattle, which appeals to my environmental notions. The potatoes are mashed with hot water and enzymes are added. This mixture is pumped to the distilling tank. The water from the mash is then left 36-48 hours and then is distilled to become Chase vodka.

Then in the Chase distillery still, called Ginny, the 10 botanicals are added. The GB Gin that I am reviewing is made by infusing juniper to ensure that Chase “distil the driest gin possible” and then is joined with cinnamon, ginger, almond, coriander, cardamom, cloves, angelica root, liquorice root and lemon peels. These ensure a “distinct, full-bodied flavour.” Why am I telling you all this? There are not many gins that manage this whole process from field to bottle and it is the unique selling point of Chase gin. If you were mistaken you would find the nose of the gin very deceiving. It smells like any other London dry gin. When you taste it though, that is when the magic happens.

There is not one specific botanical that you can taste, which is what I would expect from a London Dry Gin, but what is amazing is the smoothness. It does not take your breath away, it just meanders along with your taste buds. The flavour is very, very delicate so be careful what you pair it with. Using the wrong tonic will just destroy the flavour. I would go with either the Mediterranean or standard tonic. In my opinion, the flavour is not strong enough for a dry martini or cocktails. It will just get lost.

I would absolutely recommend Chase GB gin so long as you are cautious with your tonic pairings and it has a proud place on my gin shelf. Cost £30 directly from Chase or £25.50 if you subscribe. It is available elsewhere, for example, it is £25 on Amazon.co.uk

Chase Oak Cask Aged Sloe Gin

I really enjoy every so often having a Sloe gin. Normally I pair it with most types of tonic although I think it would probably get lost with an orange-based tonic.

Recently though I have started having on its own because like it’s foundation Chase GB gin it is incredibly smooth.

The nose is very fruity, like very, very mild mulled wine almost and you can almost smell the sweetness of the fruit.

The taste is very smooth. Sweet fruit fills your palette and then drops away. I think the secret is the fact that they infuse sloe berries and mulberries and then leave it in Rhone valley red wine casks.

I would definitely recommend this if you fancy Sloe gin for a change or a lovely nightcap.

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