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Copenhagen Distillery

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Through a process of rigorous experimentation and perfection, we craft our various types of Copenhagen Distillery Gin to be exceptionally unique and pleasantly surprising to the palate. We always challenge the conventions of how gins are more commonly crafted, by introducing new – or removing extraneous – ingredients in our distillation process. We want all of our gins to be instantly recognizable, with perfectly balanced flavours and each ingredient getting a place in the spotlight.

1 Review for Copenhagen Distillery

girls_on_gin 10 Reviews
Lovely Orange Gin

We went to a gintasing at Copenhagen Distillery in October 2020 and it was on this occasion that we purchased a bottle of their Orange Gin. Neat it has a sweet yet a little bit bitter smell and taste of oranges but it doesn’t “drown” the taste of juniper. We were surprised to find out that one of the ingredients, that gives the gin a sweeter taste is prunes! At the gintasting The Orange Gin was served with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, but we did not think that was a good combination because Indian Tonic has a very distinct taste. Instead, we tried it with different more neutral tonics. I.e., the German Mistelhain tonic (Das Tonic) and Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic. We find that to be better combinations. The square bottle symbolizes, as far as we remember, the factory where the production first started. We simply love that each bottle cap has a layer of wax in the colour that matches the taste, so to speak. So, of course it is orange, when you buy the Orange Gin. We simply love the design! The price for a 500 ml. bottle is DKK 400/GBP 46,50. We find the price to be okay, even though it is a bit more expensive than most gins. But you must take into consideration, that it is organic.

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