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Cross Stream Distillery is a husband and wife team, distilling premium gin in small batches, in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

After spending many years working in the hospitality and drinks industry, we decided to quit the rat race and start producing our own spirits.

Gin Distillery in United Kingdom

Cross Stream distillery was born out of a love for the drinks industry and a passion to create using traditional methods. We are self taught distillers and do everything ourselves, by hand, from sourcing botanicals, to distilling on our 60 litre alembic copper pot still Jinx, to bottling, waxing and hand labelling.

We are self confessed luddites and believe in going back to basics and keeping things simple. We use an entirely handcrafted process with as little technological intervention as possible.

Our approach to making our products, is how we approach relationships, with hard work and passion. We believe in good old fashioned values and using quality ingredients and we feel this adds a little something extra special to every bottle we make.