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Darnley's Distillery

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Darnley’s Gin is made in a charming farm cottage in the Kingdom of Fife on the East coast of Scotland. Visit our distillery outside the village of Kingsbarns, take a tour and discover how we make our award-winning gin. Whether you like citrus, fruity, floral, spiced or bold and robust, we have the gin for you…

2 Reviews for Darnley's Distillery

Gin pop up shop & Gin Bar in Edinburgh – Darnelys Navy Strength

T h e. E x p e r i e n c e. We were in Edinburgh and feeling (very) sober after our tasting at Edinburgh Gin. As we walked back up the street, my husband spotted a statue he wanted to look at (true love). So up Castle Street we went, and like the gin gods were shining down on me there next to the statue was Darnley’s Pop up Shop/gin bar. What a fabulous shop, we could try all the flavours (which we did) the knowledgeable and passionate staff shared with us all the history, and flavours profiles and talked us through the range. We then sat with our favourite ( the Navy Strength) in the Scottish sunshine while looking down over Edinburgh Castle. They even do Gin masterclasses, and had we known would have definitely booked a session. We bought a bottle of course to take home with us it was so delicious. M e e t. T h e. D I s t I l e r s. Routed in Fife, Darnley’s is a family affair. The Head Distiller, Scott, makes Darnley’s Gin in a copper pot still located in the cottage n the London Dry style to produce a gin with uncompromising quality and flavour. Each gin is made in the 350cl called Dorthley, the a cottage on the family estate. T h e. T a s t e Darnley’s base gins are all a London Dry, as they want them to be as natural as possible, with no additional flavours or sugars are added after distillation, only purified water to reduce the gin to its bottling strength. The Navy Strength of the Spiced Gin, packs a punch at 57.1%. With the juniper botanical dialled up to the max, it unapologetically leads the way. Now I am not normally a spice gin fan, but the balance of the botanicals ensures that all the notes come together for a crisp dry with hints of sweetness and spice from pepper. P e r f e c t. S e r v e For me, single only (don’t want to overpower) tonic and a slice of rosemary. I n. S u m m a r y. What a great place to visit, stop , sample and have a refreshing drink. They even have gin making and gin masterclass sessions. I enjoyed the freshness of all the gins, and Navy is my first, I would absolutely buy another bottle of the others.

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Nessejay91 13 Reviews
Fantastic Spiced and flagship London Dry

I first tried Darnley’s spiced gin a couple of years ago while abroad and just loved it as a spiced gin option. Cinnamon, cumin and other spices really come through with this gin, while it is still juniper forward it is a fantastic change of pace. Darnley’s London dry has an earthy style to it, definite coriander and elderflower notes coming through which are honestly two of my favourite botanicals to create cocktails with. It is still rounded out with a peppery finish. Both of the gins that I got to try were priced lower than I’d expect them to be, they’re incredibly enjoyable and the taste of both are equally so. I would say that with the recent explosion of gin distilleries that their branding and bottle could get lost among the noise but it is an incredibly solid range worth the investment.

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