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Deathsdoor Spirits

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Death’s Door Gin has a surprisingly simple botanical mix of juniper berries, coriander and fennel. Using a mix of juniper berries that includes the wild juniper of Washington Island (Juniperus virginiana) with coriander and fennel seeds. They are located in Middleton, United States of America.

Further information about this distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

1 Review for Deathsdoor Spirits

Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Deaths Door Gin

Now the name of this gin got my clogs turning so I and to find out the background. Turns out that Death doors name comes from the Death’s Door Straight, which separates Door County, from Washington Island. On the sea between them are numerous detached reefs and shoals obstructing its navigation, almost certain destruction to craft going ashore. These conditions have been the cause of many vessel disasters. In Washington island, a place called Wisconsin and that is where the heart and soul of everything produced by Death’s Door Spirits occurs. Death’s Door Gin has a surprisingly simple botanical mix of organic juniper berries, coriander and fennel.

Using juniper berries that grow wild on Washington Island with coriander and fennel sourced from within Washington Island. They use wheat and organic malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin and using juniper berries that grow wild there too. Death’s Door Gin has a full London Dry flavor but without the bitterness that can sometimes be found in a dry gin. This is because of their distillation process and the grains from the island that they use.

It is very much an aromatic and spicy gin. With the initial taste of juniper berries up hitting you first, then the spicy kick of coriander seed, finishing off with beautiful citrusy notes.

Starting at £38 a bottle as I’m from the UK, it is a gin I would highly recommend if you are into your London dry gins. Its a beauty served on its own with plenty of ice, just giving you that slight warmth of a dry London gin. But works wonderfully with Simple G & T we all love. It’s also great to use in a gin cocktail as its the perfect citrus/spice ratio in my opinion. Presented in a beautiful bottle with a map of Washington island I just had to upcycle this bottle, just another reason you need this in your gin collection!

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