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Dockers Spirit Company Claimed

Premium Spirits with an English Heart

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The East London Docks, the gateway to the world as it was once revered. Barges, tramp steamers and boats brought in and out goods from the far reaches of the world. Spices and foods that where not natural to these shores, created curiosity and creativity around the kitchens in homes and restaurants all over this country, it was soon known you could eat your way around the world without stepping outside London. But it was here, at these docks that men and women loaded and unloaded barges, trucks and vans bound for the 4 corners of the Kingdom. In this a family, Joseph Cowell, a crane operator, who unloaded marble, tea, spices and munitions from barges with a gentle hand. He became known as “Gentle Joe” for his ability to gauge the perfect swing and drop to handle the most sensitive of commodities. Although by nature – not a “Gentle” man as many Dockers where. Life was hard, work was hard and he brought home the money to a family of 8 living in what was know as Dockers Mansions – 2 up 2 down terraced housing. Kids played on the streets with not much on their backs, families intertwined with each other – a proper community spirit.

Today the monuments of the statured Cranes – frozen along the many waterways and quays, gently reminds us of a by gone time when lives where different. The Docks may have gone but the spirit of the Dockers lives on in the spirits we produce. Bringing that sense of creativity and curiosity in the commodities that came from the world, a spirit for ordinary men and women not overbearing and uncompromising, not out of reach and showcases the best of who we are. we want to create products that excites and intrigues but with a simplicity in the ingredient’s it uses.

Kemsing Special Craft London Dry Gin 40%Abv

Discover the refreshing taste of juniper berries, coriander, the sweet flavour of Clementine dancing with the floral notes of bay leaf over the smooth and creamy texture of macadamia nuts.

Lets Enjoy the Moment


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Q How long is delivery?

Normally delivery can take up to 5 working days using DHL Parcels.

Q Can you deliver worldwide?

Yes! We can deliver anywhere in the world, please make sure you select "Express Worldwide" at checkout and fill in your details.

Q Your Kemsing Gin contains nuts and I have an allergy - am I safe?

Although normally tree but proteins do not get carried over in the Distillate, we advise any one with a Nut Allergy to talk to your Health care professional (Your GP) for advice and guidance. Please do not consume Kemsing Gin if you have an allergy to Nut proteins or if your unsure you would receive a reaction with out getting proper medical advice first.

Q Whats the best way to serve Kemsing Gin?

In a tall glass, with chunky ice, a thick slice of orange or a wedge, topped up with a good Indian Tonic Water, stir and enjoy.

Q I want to contact somebody about my purchase, the company, the products?

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any queries or concerns.

1 Review for Dockers Spirit Company

A Delicious Gin Steeped in History

This is a stunning gin, and I do not use that phrase lightly. Botanicals include juniper (naturally), coriander, sweet clementine, bay leaves and macadamia nuts – an interesting and somewhat unique blend! On the nose, it is sweet and nutty whilst still being predominantly juniper-forward. There is almost a toasted aroma, giving it a great overall roundness.

Tasted neat, there is a nuttiness at first, which you could possibly expect with macadamia listed among the botanicals. This leads to a warmth from the juniper which makes way to a lasting sweetness, almost like icing sugar, as the enduring taste. The sweetness is definitely subtle, however, it retains a lightness so significant that it could most definitely be enjoyed on its own over ice as a sipping gin. Sitting behind all of this, throughout, is a delightful savoury note of bay leaf to contrast with the sweetness, giving an overall sense of balance. Kemsing Gin makes a wonderful g&t, eminently drinkable. Paired with a light tonic and garnished with a slice of orange and a bay leaf, there was a really subtle sweetness to the drink.

The orange flavours in the gin definitely sit at the front, and the juniper maintains a strong presence. There was almost a complete reversal of the flavour predominance with the addition of tonic. This is a good gin, and definitely one I’ll be going back to! This gin is also fantastic in cocktails, particularly those with an orange or other citrus fruit base. I think my favourite so far has been the Breakfast Martini. The marmalade and lemon juice really accentuate the citrus flavours of the gin. It is also wonderful in a martini and negroni, showing that it can work with traditional cocktail classics as well as those that are newer and more experimental.

The gin is incredibly reasonably priced, at under the £30 mark for a 70cl bottle. The bottle itself is sleek, minimalist. This gin is good and doesn’t need a gimmick. The elegance of this gin is reflected through the elegance of the bottle and the label.

The design is feminine – I wouldn’t mind a lipstick the same colour as the bottle! The ordering process is straightforward and delivery is relatively quick. This is definitely a gin I will go back to time and time again.

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