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Dundee Gin Company

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Whether you’re looking for a gift or a tasty treat, their premium range of gins and flavoured liqueurs has something for you. Try their classic range or one of our new special edition products to support their collaborations with local causes. Located in Dundee, Scotland.

Further information about this distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

1 Review for Dundee Gin Company

Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Classic Dundee gin

Dundee gin started back in 2017 when they were one of the first to make a full-strength marmalade gin (fabulous right?). Although now they have moved the marmalade gin onto a liqueur, they still have plenty to offer!

Read on and find out how to get a discount?

Which brings me to this classic dry gin from Dundee. I mean what gin lover doesn’t like a good old juniper fresh dry gin right? This beautifully smooth gin atv46% ABV made using ten different botanicals. When you first smell this gin it’s a fresh piney beauty. Heavy earthy smells from the juniper berries but sweet citrus bursts through.

This gin goes down quite nicely as you get that famous juniper taste the warmth from the coriander seeds and spices, followed quickly by a refreshing flavour from sweet lemon & orange. I served this beautiful dry gin with a simple light tonic and fresh lemon with cardamon pods. Now if you fancy a bottle of this or check out any of their range.

Head over to https://thedundeegin.com and use the code: ???????.

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