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Eden Mill

4.9/5 4 Reviews Add Review

Eden Mill is a distillery which is located in Scotland, providing a variety of drinks including gins, beers and whisky.

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4 Reviews for Eden Mill

Nessejay91 13 Reviews
Their 'Love Gin' edition.

What I loved about this gin was that it had these wonderful floral and strawberry notes to it. I’m a big fan of hibiscus which makes an appearance in the taste profile of this gin. It’s still juniper forward and that works very well with the clean berry body of notes along with some subtle citrus notes which lead to a smooth finish. I think this is a fabulous sweeter gin option for those out there who enjoy this style – I’ve yet to try other gins in their range. I personally prefer more dry, botanically heavy styles of gin and have heard fantastic things about their golf and buckhorn gins. Fantastic value for money and a great gift or gin choice for a sweeter palate.

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Great Customer Service and the Gin aint bad either!

I have had a couple of things from Eden Mill, and one of their liqueurs was one of my very first bottles of gin. Raspberry Vanilla and Meringue Liqueur – I first tasted Eden Mill at The Gin To My Tonic Show in Liverpool a couple of years ago and really liked their gins.

I purchased the Raspberry, Vanilla & Meringue Liqueur because it was so tasty and had a cakey flavour to it. Since then my palate has changed and it is no longer to my taste which is a shame. So I have given this 4 stars instead of 5 because if you are a seasoned Gin drinker this liqueur may not be for you. This is for a sweeter tooth and would be good with a dessert.

Ready to Drink Cocktail Tins – I purchased a few packs of the ready to drink cocktail tins when they were on offer and sadly because they are metal bottles when they came they were badly bashed. I contacted Eden Mill and within a couple of hours, I had a re-delivery email with another batch sent out to me which were well packaged and only very slightly dented (the delivery driver was heavy-handed).

I really couldn’t have asked for better customer service, so highly recommend this company for this aspect of their business. The cocktails were tasty and nice. and perfect for a picnic or when wanting a drink on the move, although you would need a bottle opener. I do not consider them the best on the market, but they certainly are better than the supermarket brands.

Eden Mill has great offers on periodically and you can get their Gins in Aldi for very reasonable prices.

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Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Eden Mill – Mystery box and old tom

Eden mill is a local distillery to me. based in st Andrews its a Scottish craft gin thats quiet well known. Its traditionally made by hand using copper pot stills, bringing amazing flavour.

They do such an amazing selection there will always be something for everyone. I bought an amazing package deal, the “mystery box” for the amazing price of £15.

Buying straight from the Eden Mill website was really easy had some wonderful deals on. It came with a few mixed cocktails and some gin tasters.

If you buy the gin either pour straight over ice or I suggest a wee top up of lemonade. You can buy the full-size bottle of this gin from their site for £48.99 and I believe you get to personalise the writing on the label. What a gift either to you from you or that someone special.

If you are like me and love to try different gins, you will not be disappointed with the selection that they have and the mystery box.

With the classic seasonal flavours of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, dried fruits and a twist of ginger. It gives you that warmth but with out the alcohol burn a few gins tend to do.

I enjoyed my drink with elderflower tonic and although old Tom is slightly sweet, I liked it a wee bit extra. So thought why not. It’s made it into a delicious drink and I added the garnish of lemon with cloves in to really complement the botanicals in this gin. And now every time I take a sip on Scottish evening it reminds me of happy times. Cause who doest love Christmas time right?

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Original – Special Edition Bottle

I bought this in a fantastic limited edition bottle and it ticks all the boxes. It tastes great, looks stunning on my gin shelf, will definitely be upcycled after and £2 from every bottle up goes to the distillers chosen charity on the date you order (it changes).

When I bought mine in May 2020, donations were being made to “Masks for NHS Heroes”. I served with Fevertree Clementine tonic and orange zest. It really got my taste buds going! Different from the lighter gins I’ve had recently but a welcome change.

Rich and elegant, it is a very smooth gin. The price of the bottle when I bought it directly from the distillery was £30 for 70cl and p&p was £5.50. Delivery was prompt…as was the opening of the bottle!

From their website “It was voted Scotland’s Number One Gin at the 2018 Scottish Gin Awards, where 116 gins were blind tasted and is one of Eden Mill’s most popular bottles”.

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