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Emerald Gin Claimed

4.8/5 1 Reviews Add Review

1 Review for Emerald Gin

NEW and A Fabulous Explosion onto the Gin Circuit!

Its not often that a new Gin comes on the market and makes a massive explosion and delivers on everything it promises, but Emerald Gin from Heald Green in Manchester have done exactly that with both of their gin expressions. They launched their London Dry Gin in the Green label in December to a masive bang. I had watched in wonder whilst they built their distillery in their garden and it was a marketing triumph and drew people in. Clearly a family affair and a true small batch distiller, they put the personal touch into everything they do. The bottles are hand labeled, they include hand written thank you notes when you buy from them and its just a lovely way to do business. So how does it taste, their Green Label and signature Gin is a great and typical London Dry, smooth, citrusy, but also warming and slightly peppery at the back.This is perfect for a classic G&T and good in a Martini. Its a favourite of my London Dry’s, and in my top 5 list. Their Pink expression launched in February in time for Valentines Day and I was so happy to get this. Its is just gorgeous. Juniper at the fore but with Strawberries and Lime coming through and it lingers so well on the tongue. Its not a sweet pink, its very well balanced and the flavours shine, without sugar spoiling the effect. This is in my top 2 pink gins, and i just love it. Both these gins are between £35 & £38 and are averaged priced, but honestly for the quality and personal touch with the wrappings and the hand written notes, its well worth the spend. Well done Gareth & Scott and all of your team, you are doing amazing in your first year and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with.

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