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Faith & Sons

5.0/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Faith & Sons are a gin brand from Salford, United Kingdom.

Further information about this business and the products they sell will be available soon.

If you have tasted their gins before why not leave a review below?

1 Review for Faith & Sons

Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Faith and Sons Raspberry Ripple Liqueur

Faith and sons is a great brand of gin. They are famous for coming up with the mt out of the box flavours, creating wonderful gins. Raspberry Ripple which ill go on to speak about.
I first met this brand at a gin and tonic road show. They are another amazing family driven brand when the founder took the leap of faith moving over to england from portugal and setting up shop here.

The Faithandsons Raspberry Ripple, it tasted like a cake in a glass. Took me right back to my childhood! Tasty raspberry ripple. Big initial hits of fresh sweet raspberry, mellowing into a smooth creamy taste. They have made a sumptuous combination of combining dry gin so suttle notes of that famous junpier Berry still comes through. Serve on the rocks tastes great, only getting a slight warmth from the dry London gin coming through. Though I served mine with lemonade, tasted like a cream Sunday. I also poured some over ice cream and O wow you will not be disappointed.

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