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FeliciS Gin – Der glückliche London Dry Gin

How did FeliciS come about?

As a passionate gin drinker, I noticed relatively quickly that most gins contain the most unusual botanicals (plants or herbs) from the most distant countries. True to the motto “The more different, special ingredients, the better”. That doesn’t correspond at all to my philosophy of a noble, honest gin. With so many ingredients, how can you really taste which components give the gin its aroma?

What I also noticed is that unfortunately less and less London Dry Gins and more and more Dry Gins are being produced. Very few of them can be drunk straight or the taste is so overloaded that it is simply too much of a good thing. But enough of what others are doing now.

So what is so special about FeliciS?

I wanted to make a gin that tasted fresh and down-to-earth at the same time. So it quickly became clear that my gin would be a London Dry Gin that focuses on the root of the gin idea: the unmistakable aroma of juniper berries.

The basis of FeliciS is a neutral alcohol obtained from grain. This tastes extremely fresh thanks to the local lemon verbena and has a wonderful lemon note. It is rounded off with a handful of exquisite botanicals, such as angelica, coriander and cinnamon. When creating my gin, it was extremely important that you can enjoy it neat. It is therefore pleasantly mild and has a balanced taste. This gin is for everyone who appreciates the origin and purity of London Dry Gin. Without a lot of frills, honest, tasty and fresh.