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Foxhole Spirits

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Foxhole Spirits specialises in the creation and production of high quality, premium spirits with a focus on using otherwise unused resources, promoting sustainability and creativity within the drinks industry.

Further information about this distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

1 Review for Foxhole Spirits

Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Just Fantastic

HYKE Gin made by Foxhole Spirits. They are a fantastic craft spirit company using unused resources, promoting sustainability and more.

Made in England this gin is a one-of-a-kind flavour. Why, you ask? Well, because they use a botanical blend of grape spirit. Yes, you read that right, grapes (the ones you eat, not those used to make wine).

Foxhole Spirits saw that there was a massive surplus of grapes in the supermarket chain supply and chose to start using them instead of wasting them. They take the grapes, press them dry and make the resulting juice into wine and then send them to the distillery to be made into this amazing unique gin.

The Gin is then blended with grain spirit and flavoured with a blend of botanicals – liquorice root, aniseed, and lemon zest just to name a few.

Presented in a beautiful traditional gin bottle, with geometric patterns of traditional African textiles wrapped around the bottle!

A strong floral, and fresh fragrance when you smell it. Then a slightly piney flavor with a touch of both fruitiness and pepperiness with the unique taste of the sweet grapes reminding you that this gin has a twist on the normal juniper based gins. It’s easy to buy and it is available at the well-known supermarkets such as Tesco and at a great price! I would highly recommend picking up a bottle.

I served mine with an elderflower tonic. But this gin is a fabulous addition to cocktails and will bring a great unique all-round flavour. They suggest making a HYKE spritz using 35ml Hyke gin, 20mls rhubarb Cordial, 75ml sparkling rose wine and 50 ml of soda water. sounds delish right?! I’ve also used in Martinis… HIGHLY recommend!

Now I’ve not tried the original Foxhole gin but did find out that it takes 8,760 hours  – or an entire year – to make a batch of Foxhole Gin. This interesting fact definitely makes me want to try it on the back of how wonderfully tasting the HYKE gin was.

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