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GIN EVA – Niche Alcohol Supplies. Claimed

GIN EVA –  Artisan Gin Range

distilled in Mallorca – Majorca, Spain with botanicals locally grown from the Mediterranean island. Each

batch is small and exclusively distilled to perfection by Eva & Stefan producing just over 70 bottles per distillation process.

The main Botanicals are prepared by hand with love and using fresh ingredients making each batch slightly different and this adds excitement and an element of curiosity to the product.

Ingredients are macerated in the pure grain spirit for weeks before distilling using a 150-litre copper still. The spirit is then left to rest for several weeks to harmonize the aroma and flavour. The long maceration time is a slow process but worth the effort.  GIN EVA is then bottled and ready to taste!

GIN EVA Signature Gin is citrus based, using sun ripened Lemons and Oranges. A small handful of traditional botanicals are added to the distillate with Phoenician Juniper berries that grow wild on the sea shore giving a unique salty sea taste. GIN EVA Mallorca Signature gin is distilled throughout the year.

“We fell in love with all these wonderful Mediterranean flavours and wished to capture them in a bottle.”

Over the last two years the GIN EVA Gin range have WON a number of amazing accolades in the United Kingdom competing against some very large well know Gin Brands. In 2020 four different GIN EVA gins we entered in the World Gin Awards and all won an accolades. The same four Gins were all entered in the Great taste Awards and everyone won STARS.

Perfect Gin through experimentation is a never-ending challenge, the hard-work and creativity required to hand make artisan gin fulfils Stefan and gives him the freedom to create exciting products.

GIN EVA was made available in the United Kingdom late 2017, after Samantha and Andrew Smith from Niche Alcohol Supplies came across the gin on a trip to Majorca. Their love of Mallorca and Gin has been the driving factor. Worldwide Travel has helped source outstanding products from independent distilleries, all of which have their own unique stories.