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Gorgeous Gin Claimed

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Miss. G Gorgeous Gin has evolved from the love of gin as it has always been their go to spirit influenced by their interests in design, fashion, beauty and food & drink. The plan was to create a Gorgeous gin, packaged in an equally Gorgeous bottle, you will want to enjoy and share with your friends no matter what the occasion.

Further information about this business and the products they sell will be available soon.

1 Review for Gorgeous Gin

Miss G&T Serve

Gail very generously sent me a bottle of her new gin and WOW! I gave a sample to my Mum and she immediately ordered a bottle herself which arrived promptly.

?????? – A simple but very very elegant and effective design. I love something different and I’ve never seen this shape of the bottle before. Love a glass stopper too #GinGoals.

????? – I had the Miss G&T serve from the website with Fevertree Mixers light Indian tonic and rosemary & dried grapefruit.

????? – The garnishes set the tone for this drink. Always a great combination and introduces the juniper and grapefruit within the gin itself. A very welcoming introduction followed by the earthy notes of Angelica and the smooth, refreshing citrus of lemon verbena.

??????? – If you haven’t tried this already, you are missing out! A very versatile gin – see the suggested serves on the website and the option to try your own and send your own in.

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