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Hampton Court Gin

Modern Craft Gins Steeped in History




About Us:

Hampton Court Gin is an award-winning, small-batch, hand-crafted English Gin brand, inspired by the buzzing contemporary culture of Hampton Court, and 500 years of its history, including the lives and wives of the infamous court of Henry VIII.

Our gins creatively blend aromatic botanicals with advanced modern distillation techniques and rich, historical storytelling. Our beautiful hand illustrated bottles reflect the skill that goes in to creating our delicious gins.


The Six Wives

Our first creation, The Six Wives, blends 6 distinctive botanicals that could be found in Henry VIII’s kitchen gardens, or were spices he imported to liven up his legendary feasts.

Juniper. Oranges. Thyme. Cubeb Berries. Bitter almond. Grains of Paradise.

Distilled 22 times to create a deliciously smooth, intriguingly complex and well rounded gin. Serve with your favourite tonic, a sprig of fresh time and slice of orange.

The Six Wives won Silver Medal at the Global Spirit Masters Awards 2021, just weeks after launching.

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Lord Of Misrule

Our second in line, Limited Release – Lord of Misrule, inspired by a Tudor tradition of mischief and mayhem, is a perfect mix of contradictions; refreshingly warming, simply complicated and delicately bold, for a silky smooth and curiously spicy gin.

Quince. Nutmeg. Cinnamon. Lemon. Mulberry. Ginger. Grains of Paradise. Cubeb Berries. Honey. Bitter Almond. Juniper.

Serve with your favourite tonic or ginger ale, a shard of cinnamon, dusting of freshly grated nutmeg and slice of lemon.

Lord of Misrule, has won Time & Leisure’s Taste Award 2022.

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New Product Development

Exciting new products in development – watch this space…