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Imbue Distillery

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Imbue Distillery brings you spirits rich with flavour and imbued with the story of us, founders Mel & Mick Sheard.

We share 30 years of experience in Melbourne’s food industry from retail to wholesale, bakeries, catering & hatted restaurants. We’re not afraid to play with flavours and push the boundaries to bring you both new and nostalgic experiences.

1 Review for Imbue Distillery

gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
A gin bottle to take you back to your childhood

I have delighted in the Suburban gin which lives up to the distilleries name. I am not sure if it is the picture on the bottle or the gin itself, but it does remind me of times gone by.

The innocence of being a child, the smell of freshly mown grass, playing in the back yard, the smell just before it rains…. when we had time to notice such things.

This gin has an unusual botanical combination, other than the usual juniper which gives this gin it’s unique flavour; Coriander, sunflower seeds, fennel (yum), Prickly pear, dandelion, ginger and blackberry. it is refreshing in a G&T with cucumber and a lemon wheel.

I tried this gin with two different tonics and found that I enjoyed a Mediterranean Tonic the best as I felt it let the delicate flavours really shine through. I also tried ‘The Elixir’ a gin liqueur blended with juniper, honey, lemon and vanilla. This also brings back memories of comforting drinks your Mum would make you.

I added to the second half of my G&T, the tiniest dash as this is potent stuff. If you want a G&T that is a bit sweeter and abundant with citrus and honey, then definitely try adding a little of this. I look forward to trying in a champagne cocktail as suggested by the distillery, I tried their other suggestion and it was stunning on the rocks, I feel this elixir could heal any problem and is like a big warm hug.

The Suburban bottle is tall and elegant. 40% ABV and $80 AUD for 700ml.

The label is reminiscent of the 80s and who didn’t love the 80s! (If you were fortunate enough to be alive then). The Elixir is 22% ABV and $70 for 700ml.

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