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Iron Balls Distillery Claimed

5.0/5 2 Reviews Add Review

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2 Reviews for Iron Balls Distillery

Ginforeveryone 2 Reviews
You always have option if you have Balls

I still remember the day in August 2019 when I visited Thailand for the 7th time where I was handed the possibility to visit the Ironballs Distillery in central Bangkok. Still very honored that Natascha from Iron Balls gave me this amazing experience. Iron Balls was created in 2015 by Ashley Sutton, a straight-talking modern-day pirate and daredevil bar designer from Western Australia. Ashley fell into bar design through a combination of luck and unstoppable determination, and he is now responsible for some of the most recognizable jaw-dropping bar designs across Asia.

Handmade from fermentation to distillation. A limited amount of Iron Balls gin is crafted each month at a micro-distillery in the heart of Bangkok. The homemade base spirit is infused & redistilled with homegrown Thai botanicals & European foraged juniper berries.

Tropical notes of pineapple, ginger & lemongrass make this gin soft, complex & pleasing on the palate.

Size: 70cl
ABV: 40%
Price: 1800 Baht (Approx 50 Euro).

GRAB LIFE BY THE BALLS GIN TONIC. 5cl Gin 20cl Tonic (used the Mediterranean) Garnish is fresh Basil and dried Mango.

It’s so fresh, tasty and delicious notes of Thai Botanicals. I really do simply love this gin

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gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
You always have options if you have balls

Iron Balls Distillery has quite a unique gin in a very unique bottle. A nautical-themed bottle designed to stay upright on ships where Ashley Sutton the creator of Iron Balls distillery feels quite at home having grown up around them. The skulls on the cork and on the bottom of the bottle bring in a pirate theme and with the quote on the label “You always have options if you have balls” I find myself smiling every time I read it. It is a very grand, attention-seeking bottle and friends always comment on it in my gin collection.

Around 100 bottles in a run are made from a base of 100 coconuts and 500 Pineapples which is fermented until it turns into wine and then distilled until it turns into vodka. 15 botanicals are used to make Iron Balls Gin including juniper, ginger, lemongrass, mace, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, coriander and ginseng. This is not a juniper-forward gin, more of a tropical gin but fits in perfectly with the hot and humid weather in Thailand and I love it here in Australia, especially on a hot summer’s day. You really do get a lovely hit of pineapple and coconut with hints of citrus and a little spice to finish. This is a very happy gin that takes me back to growing up in Asia and relaxing on holidays.

My favourite way to enjoy this gin is by the pool with Mediterranean Tonic and a small slice of chargrilled pineapple. 40% ABV 700ml bottle is around $100 AUD. It is imported from Thailand and available in good liquor stores in Australia. It is on the higher side of the price for a craft gin but given the quality and the amazing bottle, I think it is well worth the price.

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