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Isle of Wight Distillery Claimed

Slow Distillation and local, sustainably sourced ingredients for a pure and perfectly blended range of spirits.

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The first and only distillery on the Isle of Wight was licensed in 2014 by friends Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett.  By combining a wealth of experience in brewing and wine-making with locally sourced ingredients, they have created a range of premium spirits that express the beauty and character of the island they love.

The first barrel of Wight Whisky was laid down in 2015. Mermaid Gin and Mermaid Vodka were created shortly after, with the HMS Victory Navy Strength range developed in an exclusive partnership with the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

On the site of the long established Wishing Well pub, on the borders of Ryde and Seaview, is the Isle of Wight Distillery Visitor Centre. Watch the stills in action, meet the team and learn how to mix perfect Mermaid cocktails. This warm and convivial venue is the home of Mermaid Gin and the heart of the distillery’s operations. Come and experience true island spirit and hospitality for yourself.

The Isle of Wight Distillery is committed to environmentally friendly production, the preservation of the island and the marine environment. The selection of sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable materials, together with energy-efficient production drives our goal of a no-plastic, zero-carbon future.

Mermaid Gin features a premium natural cork stopper and biodegradable tamper-proof seal, with no single use plastic at point of purchase.


2 Reviews for Isle of Wight Distillery

Beautiful Bottle Design, Pink Gin average, Blue Gin Lovely

The first thing that hits you and is the biggest draw is the bottle design. A very clever way to draw people into the brand. The bottles are truly stunning and must cost a pretty penny to produce. The fish scales and the subtle change in colour depth are fabulous and this along with the gold lettering, eco-friendly cork and neck label is what drew me to purchase the pink gin. I like this gin but its not my favourite pink gin. Its flavour is sweet, and if i’m honest a little artificial, but this could be how my palate has changed as I remember loving it the first time I drank it. I would say its a high end pink gin as it rises above the Gordons and Beefeaters, but its not the best on the market.

The Blue Mermaid Gin, is something else, now I really enjoy this gin. The taste is zesty and peppery and the rock samphire gives it a real beachy feel. I absolutely adore this Gin. Its not a cocktail gin, its a G&T gin and is beautiful with a regular Indian or light tonic. It needs nothing more. I do think its a little pricey, but the bottle design more than makes up for this, and it is as eco-friendly as possible which is not cheap to achieve. I have seen people turn these bottles into goblets and lamps, so you can do a lot with them after you have finished with the gin.

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ginignite 4 Reviews
Mermaid Gin – Great with tonic and tingles on the tongue just like the sea

I love the posts that Mermaid put out on Instagram under their @mermaidgin account. They all reference the sea, the gin bottle or mermaids and they really evoke the Mermaid gin brand image. I also admire any business that want to make sure they ethically source their ingredients. They also use local ingredients wherever possible.

I also admire their commitment to sustainability and conservation and the fact they are gradually eliminating plastic from their packaging and supply chains. So before even tasting the gin, I am in love with the brand. Normally I don’t bother commenting on the bottle but the Mermaid bottle has to get a mention. It is blue evoking the sea but also has indentations almost like the scales you would expect to find on a mermaids tail.

The gin has a really interesting nose. It is not like a normal London dry gin. You can tell it is a strong spirit, a bit like the brand, and yet the nose is really subtle. I think this I the lemon zest. Then you taste the gin and whilst I would say it is reasonably smooth the gin, it almosts tingles over your tongue a bit like the sea with the rock samphire playing a little tune. I prefer this will go with most tonics and would be lovely in a cocktail. I don’t think it is smooth enough for a dry martini.

Cost £39.99 at amazon.co.uk or £37.75 at masterofmalt.com

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