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Kaspers from Transylvania Food Company Srl Claimed

Pivnita Bunicii - Saschiz artisan food products

Kaspers Elderflower is distilled in Saschiz by the Transylvania Food Company Srl. We are the first micro-distillery in Romania to be licensed to make a spirit drink and we believe the first in the world to obtain our alcohol from elderflower (flori de Soc).
We established our social enterprise in Saschiz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010 with the objectives of buying our raw materials (flowers, fruit and vegetables) from the community and we employ local people to produce our jams, chutney and cordials which are sold under the brand Pivnita Bunicii. Our production is based on traditional skills and the innovative use of local ingredients.
We are located in the heart of Transylvania, a land still dominated by smallholder farmers and the age-old traditions of distilling homemade spirits from fruit remain strong.
Gin is typically made from a grain-based spirit to which botanicals are added. By contrast, our innovative approach starts with the hand-picked elderflower which are fermented and double distilled. Ten botanicals are then added, seven of which are commonly used in gin and three are from the local biodiversity rich wildflower meadows of Transylvania. We then distil a third time to produce our unique drink that retains the refreshing floral notes of elderflower but now combined with the distinctive taste of gin from the juniper berries.
Our small batch distilling uses the traditional equipment and skills passed down through generations, but we have added some modern science to guarantee quality and consistency. The recipe was developed with the help of the Department of  Brewing and Distilling at Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

Visit www.PivnitaBunicii.com to find  out why Kaspers?