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Knut Hansen – Niche Alcohol Supplies. Claimed

Knut Hansen is an Artisan Gin distilled and handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany, by Kaspar Hagedorn und Martin Spieker.
What started as an idea and chat over a couple of beers on a night out in Hamburg, has turned into a great and successful business for the two friends.

The first batch was produced in 2017 in one of their friend’s distillery and in 2019 Martin and Kaspar opened their own distillery in Hamburg.

The heart of the distillery is a 150 litre column still built by Arnold Holstein.

Knut Hansen Dry Gin is distilled four times with a very low energy input, which is a complex process.
Doing it this way enables conserving the unique taste of the Gin and protecting the natural aroma. The Still generates heating for the entire Hamburg Distilling Company who have their offices in the distillery next to the Still.

Once finished, Knut Hansen Gin is manually filled into beautiful stoneware bottles, sealed with high quality corks and handcrafted labels. ​

Local Hamburg gin drinkers can take their Knut Hansen Stoneware bottles to the Distillery and have them refilled.  All bottles are filled by hand.  Knut Hansen is one of the few gins to be distilled in two Continents, Hamburg, Germany and Cape Town in South Africa.