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Kyoto Distillery

4.6/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Details about this Japanese gin distillery and the products they offer will be available shortly.

1 Review for Kyoto Distillery

gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
The taste of Japan in a gin

I was fortunate enough to see a bit of a virtual tour of the Kyoto Distillery with Alex Davies and it was fascinating to see how they store and collect their botanicals as some are only available for small seasons so they have to get everything they need to last the whole year. To see their huge walk-in yellow yuzu freezer was very cool (no pun intended). Some of the botanicals they use in their Kin No Bi Dry Gin are yuzu from 7 different farms, single-origin tea, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), bamboo, gyokuro (green tea) and green sansho pepper, Red Shiso leaves, ginger root, Kinome, orris and juniper. I have Kin No Bi Kyoto Dry gin with added Gold Leaf, it is beautifully clean and smooth with delicate citrus flavours from the yuzu and lemons, and just a hint of the tea flavour.

I pair this with Mediterranean Tonic to keep all those delicate flavours at the forefront. The gold leaf is very pretty and watching it swirl around the bottle is totally mesmerising. ABV 45.7% 700ml bottle -This is a special edition with the gold leaf and purchased in Australia approx. $145AUD I also have Ki No Tea Kyoto Dry Gin which is much stronger on the tea flavour, very contemporary and not juniper-forward. It is made from Tencha and Gyokuro teas. This is a gin I drink either neat or on ice and you do get a beautiful green tea flavour which makes this gin unique. ABV 45.1% 700ml bottle JY5,000+tax (Expect to pay $100+ AUD in Australia where I purchased it)

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