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Upperhand Gin is an exciting new premium gin for the UK, already awarded with the Silver medal (94 points) at the IWSC 2020 in London and with the Gold medal at the China Awards 2020.

The international flavour of the gin represents the backgrounds of Claudia and Alberto, the couple who created it. The distinctive Upperhand Gin taste comes in part from the use of botanicals grown along the Mediterranean. Alberto is Italian and was inspired to use botanicals grown there as the climate develops more powerful essential oils in them. Meanwhile, in Ireland, where Scottish born Claudia has strong roots, her connection with a master distiller fine-tuned the final recipe.

Already on sale in many countries, Upperhand Gin is making a real impact. Now it has arrived in the UK, its refreshingly distinctive taste differentiates it from other premium gins.

A distinctive gin deserves a special and unique bottle. Upperhand Gin bright blue colourful bottle stands out on any gin shelf, equally, its taste stands apart from any other premium gin. Although Claudia and Alberto may be the underdogs in the UK gin market, they have the Upperhand with their refreshing distinctive premium product.

Upperhand is currently being distilled in Ireland and bottled in Scotland from Lafferty & Sons which is working for open a new distillery soon.