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Liverpool Gin Distillery

4.6/5 2 Reviews Add Review

Further information about Liverpool Gin Distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

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2 Reviews for Liverpool Gin Distillery

Gin Staples

Liverpool Gin is fairly local to me being made and bottled about a mile away from where I live at Halewood Vintners. This gin is a reliable staple that I have the full range of. There are a number of variations which are London Dry, Rose Petal, Valencian Orange, lemongrass, and the Three Graces Limited Edition Bottles (London Dry). As far as taste goes, that depends on your palette. I’m not much of a fan of the lemongrass, but the rest are all lovely, but my absolute fave in this range is the Rose Petal. Delicate, floral and very tasty. Liverpool also have a distillery tour and bar in the centre of Liverpool on Castle St. This is a gorgeous bar, with gorgeous cocktails. Fairly pricey but then all good gin cocktails are at the moment. When lockdown finishes I will be going to the distillery for a tour, so watch this space for details. .

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Gingalore 27 Reviews
Timeless Liverpool Rose Petal

Liverpool Rose Petal is one of many fine Gins that are proudly distilled in Liverpool in the North West region of England. Liverpool Rose Petal Gin is 100% organic and is created using a secret blend of botanicals. Combining the timeless decadence of rose petals to create a wonderful Gin full of flavour and full of romance, with a tenderly fragrant nose and delicate brush of the palate awaiting every suitor. .Liverpool Rose Petal gives a distinct aromatic perfumed floral rose aroma and a pine juniper backbone that provides balance, The Citrus notes here certainly complement the floral notes well but not overpoweringly so. Sweet liquorice complements the aromatic rose with hints of spicy warming cassia. For a simple Serve; Add 50ml of chilled Liverpool Rose Petal Gin to a balloon glass (branded glasses are available to match this gorgeous bottle) fill with lots of cubed ice and top with 100ml premium tonic water then stir well and garnish with 3 squashed blueberries (which turns the colour pink) and add 2 frozen raspberries. You will not be disappointed a truly delicious serve that will leave you wanting more. * 43% ABV; 70cl * priced around £29 for a 70cl bottle

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