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Mackintosh Gin

5.0/5 4 Reviews Add Review

Further information about this business and the products they sell will be available soon.

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4 Reviews for Mackintosh Gin

Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Mackintosh Old TomGin

Mackintosh Old Gin A Gin made not too far from my home, the Dundee and Perthshire/Angus borders of Scotland.  I recently bought this bottle of Old Tom Gin from the Mackintosh webpage.

Even with current lockdown issues the delivery was very quick.

A note on the package of delivery – the bottle was so well wrapped with a personal note from the distillers themselves AND each bottle is signed by the distiller and has been numbered with the batch and bottle number. It’s those small touches to a craft gin that I love to see!  A wee note on the bottle design I thought I’d share some information especially as I live in Scotland!

The Mackintosh logo is the ‘Lover’s’ Knot, which is carved into a 9th century Pictish stone. The stone was found along with others in and around Meigle, not far from the Mackintosh family home. The knot is made up of an unbroken line over four corners that represent the endless round of seasons and is enclosed in a circle that represents infinity, the sun and the power of the female or Mother Earth.

Now to the good part, the Gin Old Tom – it’s a pineapple and grapefruit gin distilled using a bouquet of ten botanicals that are locally sourced. From the beautiful citrus tastes of grapefruits, lemon and oranges to the spice of juniper berry and coriander seeds to bring it back to the wonderful gin taste we all know and love.

Finished with the fresh aftertaste of pineapple. I found it delightful. I found I enjoyed my best with elderflower tonic or prosecco.If you have a sweet tooth it’s great with lemonade! You can buy it online for £39.50, but they always seem to have great promos on so keep an eye out for a cheeky wee 10 or 20% off now and again.

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Long-awaited and not disappointed!

I was overjoyed to receive the Mackintosh London Dry as the featured gin in The Sma’ Gin Club launch box. I first came across Mackintosh gin earlier this year during a talk on a virtual gin festival and loved the passion that James and Deborah showed about the gins they had created and intended to buy some but never quite got round to it so this being featured in the launch box solved a problem for me!

The London Dry is so smooth and is distinctly juniper lead, with the combination of the nine botanicals, including citrus, coriander and elderflower complemented by fresh grapefruit, gives it a really full flavour pour with an amazing back taste. I served with a large slice of grapefruit and premium tonic which was the recommended serve so I have no need to argue with that- I loved it.

I’ve had to extend my Gin top three to the top 5 because this has to be included! The abv weighs in at 42% and prices sit around the £38/£39 mark online- it’s £37 direct from the distiller with excellent reviews about delivery speed. I’ve just ordered the Pineapple and Grapefruit Old Tom which I have been lusting over for months now so I’m looking forward to trying that shortly.

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I have two bottles of Mackintosh Gin. The first bottle, Mackintosh Scottish Gin I won in an instagram competition; and the second bottle, The Old Tom, I bought because the first was so good.

I love everything about ‘this distiller. They are a true small batch gin distiller run as a family affair. Their batches are only 300 bottles, and everything they do has the personal touch. From the little thank you notes handwritten by Debs and Jim, to their Instagram channel with videos of their daughters showing how to make cocktails, they truly are all about loving and being passionate about the Gin.

So what does it taste like? Well, the Scottish Gin (red label) it’s a true gin with big hits of juniper and citrus back note and it’s so creamy and smooth. The Old Tom (Gold Label) is a brilliant cocktail Gin which I love with lemonade over ice and occasionally as a sipping gin. It’s pineapple notes shine through but again it’s so so smooth. I have not tried the Mariner Strength (blue label), but I will be buying it soon. If you haven’t tried this distiller, your money will be well spent with this gin.

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Delicious Gin From Family Run Distillery

I placed my order for the Old Tom for me and the Mariner Strength for my husband, who prefers something a little bit stronger. The gin arrived 2 days after my order was placed, unlike some orders placed with general suppliers of gin which have taken up to two weeks to arrive! For this reason I would always recommend ordering direct from the distillery. Mackintosh Gin is a family affair, with the whole family being part of the brand and development.

What can I tell you about Mackintosh Old Tom Gin? I usually enjoy a London Dry or flavoured craft gin with a premium tonic, so I was curious to try something a little bit different. Mackintosh Pineapple and Grapefruit Old Tom Gin is a sweeter gin designed to be enjoyed with lemonade. Distilled with fresh pineapple and grapefruit it is a perfect cocktail gin, delicious over ice with lemonade. The sweetness comes from candy syrup which is added post distillation. Not being a fan of lemonade with my gin.

I paired with Schweppes Crisp Tonic and a few drops of orange bitters. I added a wedge of lemon to open up the citrus taste. This was a truly delicious G&T.

I also enjoyed the gin in a Citrus Spritz; I combined the Mackintosh Old Tom Gin with freshly squeezed orange juice and Elderflower Cordial over ice. Stirred for 30 turns, (shaking causes an unwanted froth) and poured into champagne flutes. Then topped with prosecco and garnished with a wedge of orange. This was a delicious pre-dinner cocktail enjoyed in the sunshine.

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