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McLean’s Gin

5.0/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Further information about the story about this brand and the products it sells will be available soon.

1 Review for McLean’s Gin

Something Clear

A special edition I had to choose from the options Colin kindly gave me (check out their page for the different flavours) from a competition I won. Being a big softy at heart, it has so much sentimental value that this gin was made for Colin & Jessica’s first wedding anniversary.

With paper as the first-anniversary gift, I can tell why the bottle is wrapped in lovely paper. (Almost) too pretty to open but I managed to preserve it to wrap back up again for displaying on my ever-expanding gin shelf. The bottle itself is plain, so unless you are very careful in unwrapping the paper, you will be left with a plain bottle (albeit with a lovely poem on it). But at the end of the day, it is the contents that matter when it comes to gin – and this is a goody!!

50% in volume – to reflect the equal partnership that marriage entails with the Fevertree Mediterranean tonic suggested, it doesn’t taste as strong as you’d think. It’s is very smooth and I can definitely taste the mix of earthy yet citrusy flavour the couple wanted.

This gin also contains loquat leaf (which I had to google) and has many health benefits.

So cheers to good health!

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