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Meadowcourt Gin

A Gin with History



Meadowcourt Gin is a brand new gin based in the Rural Capital of Food Melton Mowbray. Using our house and its botanicals as inspiration for our gin. We have paired with a master distiller to bring our dream to life. Using the single shot method of distilling our gin it is a truly handcrafted Gin. Made in very small batches, it will be hand labelled, each bottle will be numbered and sealed with a wax stamp.

Meadowcourt Gin is a complex gin, in which layer after layer is unearthed as you explore deeper.  A gently floral nose hints at rose petals and delights to come, teasing the senses.  The flavour journey begins with a berry-like opening before subtle rose petal takes over.  Waves of smoothness and sweet citrus from lemon and lime, with a creamy mouthfeel, roll you forward to a long linger with just a hint of spice, making this gin extremely moreish.