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Nordisk Braenderi

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Nordic Distillery was started and is now operated Anders Bilgram, who has studied and acquired knowledge and experience as a distiller through travel and visits to to Germany and Russia as well as in the Nordic countries. They are located in Logstor, Denmark.

Further information about this distillery and the products they sell will be available soon.

1 Review for Nordisk Braenderi

Ginforeveryone 2 Reviews
Nordisk Braenderi – Northstar

This particular Distillery is located in the Northern part of Jylland in Denmark and run by Anders Bilgram the founder, that run the daily business at the Distillery.

Throughout many expeditions to Arctic and through a continuously seek for new adventures Anders finds his inspiration to the products. All products are distilled on Müller copperstills.

Size: 0,5l
ABV: 44,8%
Price: 449 – DKK (Equals to approx. 60 Euro)

To the nose first thing catch me is a fragrance of the fruit. It has a very pleasant fragrance. Mild and soft. To find what I will say are fragrances from some flowers, further study on their homepage mentioned rose and violets. Also, find notes of some spices and of course a lovely note of Juniper. Tasted neat I do have the same hint of a lot of fruit going on, a really superb blend of flavours.

To find notes of spices, cardamom and Juniper. Did make the study as mentioned above and find a hint that I can´t describe when the alcohol kicks in. But Nordisk Brænderi describes that the pallet also has menthol NORTHSTAR GIN TONIC 5cl. Gin 15cl. Indian Tonic Dehydrated apple As both the fragrance to the nose and the flavours in my mouth indicates a lot of fruit I did pair the Gin Tonic with dehydrated apple. It did complement the overall experience pretty well. It´s a complex Gin with many notes, but they do fit each other so nicely. You have the Juniper, citric and floral flavours and fragrances, combined with spices. The overall experience with this Gin is superb. In every sip, I almost feel all the joy and hours of development Nordisk Brænderi have put in this product

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