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Plymouth Gin Distillery

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The building dates back to the early 1400s, with the most intact part of the distillery, the Refectory Room – a medieval hall with a fine hull-shaped timber roof built in 1431, being one of the oldest buildings in Plymouth. It is thus protected as a national monument and is one of the city’s most precious heritages. The Distillery buildings were formerly a monastery inhabited by the Black Friars. In 1536, at the time of the Reformation and dissolution of the monasteries, the former home of the Black Friars was put to a variety of other uses including being the town’s Marshalsea or debtor’s prison. It was also the first Non-Conformist meeting place and a billet for Huguenot refugees who fled France for Plymouth.

The Pilgrim Fathers even spent their last night in England here in 1620. It was from the distillery they made the short walk down to the harbour to set sail on the Mayflower on their epic voyage to start a new life in America, where they founded a new Plymouth. The Mayflower ship forms Plymouth Gin’s trademark label today. Black Friars is indisputably the oldest working gin distillery with records of a ‘mault-house’ on the premises going back to 1697. However, it was in 1793 that Mr Coates joined the established distilling business of Fox & Williamson and the distilling of Plymouth Gin began. Soon the business was to become known as Coates & Co, which it remained until March 2004.

1 Review for Plymouth Gin Distillery

Glassofgin 22 Reviews
Plymouth Gin & Distillery

I used to live a mear 30 minutes from this beautiful distillery. I say beautiful as the building right next to the harbour is the black Friars building dating back to the early 1400’s, and when you walk into a medieval hall with a 1431 hull shaped roof, it kind of takes your breath away (best have a gin to help). While I was there I was interested to find out that they are an important Centre of excellence for Gin cocktail making.

Now distilled in a single copper pot with Dartmoor water and 7 wonderful botanicals giving this gin an easy reason why it goes so smoothly in any gin cocktail. If you like an easy to drink, easy to pair gin.

This is for you!

At only £19 starting point for a bottle, this smooth, citrus flavour gin is a winner poured over lots of ice with a tonic twist or great in any cocktail due to its smooth easy to drink taste. I would highly recommend going on a tour, or at east nip in and have a wonderful cocktail in the building. I personally can’t wait to get back and go for a tour and explore new cocktails.

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