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Port of Leith Distillery

5.0/5 1 Reviews Add Review

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1 Review for Port of Leith Distillery

Lovely Lind and Lime

Lind and Lime- Gin Masters Gold Award winner 2020 and one of my favourite gins to boot! I wouldn’t be lying if I said I only bought this gin because of the bottle- it’s true, I am a glass magpie and once I saw the bottle, I knew I had to have it! I ordered direct from the distillery and priced at £35 it’s a great price for an amazing gin!

The brand itself aim for perfection- the desire to make a “benchmark gin” and it’s a perfect example of a crisp London Dry gin in my opinion. Lind and Lime is most definitely juniper led with lime peel and pink peppercorns adding a little bite, its a really crisp and refreshing pour.

It’s certainly not lime flavoured despite the name and this has taken some people aback a bit- it’s not a lime flavoured gin at all. I’ve only ever paired this with premium tonic or a pink peppercorn (Merchant;’s Heart) because the gin would be overpowered and I want to taste the gin as it is, so tend to pour with a premium Indian tonic and a wedge of lime.

I know lots of people who want to try this, I’d ask, “Whats stopping you?” This is a gin that will always be on my gin shelf.

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