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Prohibition Liquor Co

4.8/5 1 Reviews Add Review

Details on this distillery coming soon.

1 Review for Prohibition Liquor Co

gintopiainoz 17 Reviews
The most stunning Gin bottles- a must for any collection

The Prohibition Liquor Company (PLC) have quite a collection of gins, both their regular collection and special releases as well as pre-mix cocktails. The bottles are stunning and unique – they command attention. I will start with my favourite PLC gin. It was a special edition for Mother’s Day 2020. It reminds me of Turkish Delight, and I love to mix it with Mediterranean Tonic sometimes I add in some fresh rose petals. It is a beautiful pink colour and PLC individually named the bottles so this one is my gin! $99 AUD 42%ALC VOL The Christmas Gins are my next favourites and taste like liquid Christmas cake with all of its fruity goodness. I have the 2019 edition (black bottle) and the 2020 edition (white bottle). Both are delicious. They are very nice over ice and I have made some great cocktails with them. Last Christmas I made a cocktail with the 2020 bottle, Lillet Blanc, Lemon juice, Rosemary syrup and light tonic. The 2019 bottle I like with pink coconut water and Roebuck bitters. $125 500ml The Small Batch Premium Gin and Bathtub Gin are staples and great with Mediterranean Tonic with some dehydrated pink grapefruit or some lemon peel expressed over the top and then added as well as in cocktails. I love the premium gin with pear juice and coconut water and in a Dirty Martini and the bathtub gin with apple juice and jalapeño syrup. Small Batch-700ml $99AUD 42%ALC VOL / Bathtub Cut- 500ml $125 69%ALC VOL The New Fashioned is amazing poured straight from being stored in the freezer. I can’t keep my bottle in the freezer as I like it on my shelf with my collection, so I pour it into a glass a few hours before I want it and pop the glass in the freezer. 500ml $89AUD 37%ALC VOL I have the Navy Strength too but have not tried it yet. Looking forward to experimenting with it. 500ml $99AUD 58%ALC VOL PLC have a gin club and I should be expecting my 3rd box soon. It is on the pricy side being $165 AUD but you do get a lot in the huge box, so I think it is worth the price. Please see the picture below from my last box. I gave this review 4/5 for price- it was a hard decision as these are great gins in gorgeous bottles that I assume add to the price, but they are on the more expensive side of Australian Gins and may be outside of some budgets. What I can say is I think they are a great choice for a special gift or occasion and if you can manage the price do give them a try.

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