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Three men walk into a bar: two IT guys and a tennis coach. They meet a tall,  dark, stranger. No, this isn’t the start of a joke or a crime novel. This is the origin story of Reaper Gin.
The three men in this plot are Gary Tinker, John Robinson, and Andy Davies; good friends and drinkers of only the finest gin. The tall dark stranger is Dan Phillips, assistant manager at one of Manchester’s leading gin brands, boyfriend of John’s daughter; a man who has excellent taste in both gin and, evidently, women. Conversations between Dan and John, obviously over gin and tonics, soon led to the intricacies of launching a gin empire. Curiosity led to an executive board meeting (once again, over gin), and soon the three friends sold their souls to the industry. Premium dry Reaper Gin was born.
With Dan’s invaluable help, we were introduced to the team responsible for Manchester’s very own Three Rivers Gin. Working with their mixologist, Eleanor, we came up with the distinctly delicious Reaper gin flavour profile.
We endeavoured to create a gin that would taste phenomenal, and a brand that would be remembered. After many tasting and design sessions, we have arrived at something we are incredibly proud of.
Why Reaper, you say? We thought there was a sense of fun with the pun ‘gin [grim] reaper’, but there is a side to our business that is classic, timeless; infinite. With the help of Bee, John’s artistic aforementioned daughter, the Reaper brand was born.
Remember… Don’t fear the Reaper, drink with him.”
Angelica Root
Orange Peel
There’s no better way to enjoy a perfect serve than with somebody else…

Start with plenty of ice, a handful of dark berries, a sprig of fresh, crushed rosemary, add Reaper with premium tonic.

Having laid the perfect foundation, sit back, relax and shoot the breeze.

It comes in 70cl bottles retailing at £37 plus £6.50 delivery