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Sipsmith Distillery

4.5/5 2 Reviews Add Review

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2 Reviews for Sipsmith Distillery

Gingalore 27 Reviews
Spectacular Spirit

I absolutely love a London Dry Gin,. I think Sipsmith London Dry has to be one of my favourite London Dry Gins as it is so versatile and smooth and priced at around £27 for a 70cl with an ABV of 41.6 it is an incredible Gin that makes a wonderful Gin and Tonic which is so bold and aromatic it really is amazing to sip in the Glass with your favourite tonic! I always have a bottle of Sipsmith London Dry Gin ready to go in my Gin Collection. Recently, I got myself their SIP 100 Gin Cocktails Book and I have to say the Book is amazing, it has opened up so many Gin Cocktail combinations to me and I would absolutely recommend the book to go with your Sipsmith Gins. It is so good and the book is available on Amazon priced around £10 if you love to make cocktails it is fabulous! I can’t wait to make my next Sipsmith cocktail Soon!

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Nessejay91 13 Reviews
Their London Dry and Sloe Gin

I really enjoy London dry gins typically and Sipsmith’s was no exception. What I enjoyed about it was the simplicity of it, after the initial juniper taste subsides there’s a very clean citrus profile that comes forward and has a slightly dry finish. It is a solid London Dry choice with a friendly price point, that does meet the description and the branding is quite iconic. I was given their sloe gin as a christmas gift from my workplace and wasn’t entirely bowled over by it – I was hoping for more of a gentle sloe gin tasting experience and instead felt like as soon as it touched my tongue it was somewhat overpowering. Quite tart, dry and almost fruit punch-like to a point where I wondered about artificial sugars and preservatives potentially used. Could’ve been a bad batch.

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