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Sixtowns Gin from Bros Distilliery

A unique story of history… in every bottle

5.0/5 2 Reviews Add Review

A unique story of history… in every bottle


“Our story began in the city of Rezekne, Latvia, where our founding brothers’ Great-Grandparents began distilling from grain. The two brothers, Vitalijs and Alex, grew up watching their grandparents growing grain and using secret family recipes passed down from generation to generation to produce fine spirits.

In 1998, they moved to the heart of the country in Stoke-on-Trent and were inspired by the city and its rich cultural heritage. Made up of six neighbouring towns and renowned as the ‘World capital of ceramics’, the area’s reputation for high craftmanship appealed to their sense of perfection.”


“It was here that Vitalijs and Alex turned to their own heritage and began selling state-of-the-art Genio distillery equipment. Having served well over 100 distilleries across the country and armed with their extensive experience and industry knowledge, they combined their mutual love for crafting spirits with their family’s secret recipes and set out on a mission to create an artisan gin that encapsulated the refined craftmanship of Stoke-on-Trent… and Sixtowns Gin was born.”


Every bottle of SIXTOWNS is handcrafted in small batches to our secret family recipe, bottled and labelled by hand with pride for our heritage and the landscape, our gift from the past and part of our culture.

At Sixtowns we only use the finest ethically sourced, natural ingredients in our spirits because we maintain a commitment to quality.

Sixtowns Gin is a premium brand of the highest quality.  Created using state of the art Genio distillery equipment for which we have the sole rights to sell across the UK.  We have had the luxury of over 100 distilleries expertise and experience along with our own knowledge and proficiency we have been able to create an outstanding gin with exceptional flavourings.

Understanding where our customers have succeeded or been unsuccessful, combined with family recipes passed down through the generations, our gin boasts the optimum combinations of beautiful botanicals and a balanced profile full of depth and flavour.

2 Reviews for Sixtowns Gin from Bros Distilliery

Gingalore 27 Reviews
Sixtowns Staffordshire GIn

SixTowns Staffordshire London Dry Gin is in my opinion a beautifully smooth London Dry Gin that comes presented in the most exquisite looking 70cl Gin Bottle I have ever seen! The Gin is actually distilled in the heart of Staffordshire and the small, yet expert team who produce this delightful Gin label, bottle and seal each bottle of Gin by hand! How fantastic is that? It really appears to be a labour of love producing this Gin! The Botanicals include Juniper – Coriander – Angelica – Lemon Peel – Cardamon – don’t they sound incredible? I really think this Gin is an exceptionally smooth and satisfying classic Organic London Dry gin that is just perfect for neat sipping, a classic G&T or in your favourite cocktails! I served my SixTowns Gin chilled in a gorgeous Gin Glass, added in Elderflower Fevertree Tonic Water, lots of ice and a slice of fresh lime and I have to say I adore this Gin! Beautifully packaged, tastes delicious has an ABV of 40% Vol and is priced at around £40 for the 70cl. Definitely a fabulous addition to my Gin Collection and. a Gin I am very proud to own!

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Great gin in a fantastic bottle

I have to admit it was the bottle that made me purchase the Sixtowns gin, as it is made out of ceramic and is reminiscent of a Kiln which is a shoutout to the town where it is made’s history, Stoke on Trent. Being one of the six towns in the Staffordshire borough and with a long history of pottery it seems very fitting to have their gin presented in a kiln. So what is the gin like? Well simply put it’s delicious. A great juniper forward gin with a citrus twist and very very delicious. I have used it in the classic Gin & Tonics and I have used it in cocktails. It’s a gem of a gin and you can’t go wrong. The price is the same as many a premium gin and given the bottle it comes in, I’d say it’s worth it. These bottles are amazing for recycling into lamps, vases and well just to be reused as ornaments. I hope you try this one as you won’t be disappointed.

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