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Stockport Gin Claimed

We hope you love our gin as much as we do!




Stockport Gin is run by us, husband and wife Paul and Cheryl, from our distillery in Stockport.

Stockport Gin was born out of our love of craft gins. Many happy years had been spent travelling around the UK, and further afield, and wherever we were we loved enjoying the local gins. It in fact became a bit of a hobby of ours and we always bought a bottle to bring back home and add to our ever growing collection! So what made us set up our own distillery you ask?! Well, whenever we went out locally in and around Stockport we always asked for the local gin but what was on offer was always from outside of the town. We always said to each other “Someone should make a Stockport Gin” …but no one did…so we did!

We had joked about the idea for some time but it all really started one Friday night when sat at home enjoying a G&T (or 5!). We had been planning for a while to extend the house and have a bigger kitchen. I (Paul) with my architectural background, had designed a wonderful extension which looked incredible, the only problem was that it turned out to be double the budget – so the plans for the extension were quickly halted! The pot of money was burning a hole in our pocket now and the idea of making our dreams a reality and setting up a gin distillery were mentioned. Normally Cheryl’s crazy ideas are brought back down to earth by Paul but on this occasion we were both in agreement and in the blink of an eye the laptop was fired into action and a new company was registered! At this very moment, Stockport Gin was born! We woke the next morning with fuzzy heads and as owners of our own gin distillery!

Now the hard work really started. We immediately set about making plans for the business. Developing the brand, researching, learning, approvals, licences, recipe development and of course taste testing. Eventually, on 22nd March 2019 we launched Stockport Gin to the world and haven’t looked back since!

We distill all of our gin at our distillery in Stockport and are involved in every part of the process. We use a 100l stainless steel column still to produce our gins and then each bottle is filled and labelled by us before being checked and sent out all over the UK.


Alongside the main botanical Juniper, we put 4 of our other carefully selected botanicals into the still, allowing them to infuse into the base spirit. We then distill this whilst vapour infusing lemon, orange and pine needles to give a delicate citrus flavour and aroma.


Our Twist of Lime Edition was originally launched as a limited edition gin, but it proved so popular with the public we decided to make it part of our permanant range. It is made using 7 of the 8 botanicals from our Original Edition Gin, but instead of orange peel we use fresh lime peel to give a sharper, zestier taste.


Our Pink Edition is made with the Original Edition Gin botanicals and then infused with Strawberries, Raspberries and Pomegranates to give a fruity twist on our Original Edition Gin. Our Pink Edition is a traditional gin with not too much sweetness to give a good flavour but retain the juniper notes.


Similar to our Twist of Lime, this gin was orignally launched as a limited edition gin for Christmas 2019, and was so popular with everyone who tried it we decided to bring it back with a new and improved recipe. We distill with fresh pink grapefruit and pink peppercorns then infuse afterwards with more pink grapefruit to give us a gin that is really refreshing flavoured gin that leaves a tingle on the end of your tongue.


Our Sustainable Edition Gin was originally made exclusively for Selfridges – but you can now also buy it direct from us! We collect leftover orange peels from Selfridges bars and restaurants, that would otherwise be going to waste, and use these to flavour the gin during the distillation process. The gin is then bottled in recyclable glass bottles and even the labels we use for this gin are fully biodegradable.